Arizona Native Returns From Hollywood to Build i9 Sports in His Community!

Arizona Native Returns From Hollywood to Build i9 Sports in His Community!

Draft Pick Photo w BrianFormer visual effects producer, Arin Finger has big plans for his hometown.  America’s first and fastest growing youth sports franchise has launched in the Greater North Phoenix area, opening with winter sports programs, including flag football and instructional soccer.

Born and raised in Arizona, Arin graduated from the University of Arizona before pursuing his passion for media arts.  After working in the industry for 15 years and helping to create over 35 Hollywood films, Arin needed a change.  “I was looking for a career change and something that would allow me to return to Arizona where I was brought up,” says Finger.  “I chose i9 Sports because I wanted to be able to spend more time with my family. i9 Sports is a great fit for me because it allows me to work from home and be my own boss.”

Arin’s past work experience will translate well into his i9 Sports business.  “As a Visual Effects Producer, I am responsible for the budget, schedule and management of all the artists and production staff to complete the film,” he says. “I have a tremendous amount of experience in scheduling, resource planning and client management. These 3 skills combined with my drive and will to succeed will help to jumpstart my i9 Sports franchise.”

Greater North Phoenix families are now among hundreds of thousands across the country who are enjoying the i9 Sports experience.   This experience includes:

  • Same day practices and games, one day a week – great for working parents because it cuts down on driving, fuel costs, and interruptions to family life and school work.
  • An emphasis on fun – i9 sports encourages healthy competition and keeps the focus on the #1 reason kids play sports – to have fun – instead of the “win at all costs” culture of other leagues
  • No fundraising or mandatory volunteering.  No tournament travel, coach and referee fees, trophy expenses, fundraising or parent volunteering required.
  • Safety first – i9 Sports leads the way in education of coaches, officials, and parents on the importance of safe play.   In addition to being the first national league to implement a “when in doubt, sit ‘em out” policy, the league offers no-contact flag football and has banned heading in soccer to greatly reduce the risk of concussions.
  • Parental Pledge and Sportsmanship – Parents sign a pledge to be a model of good sportsmanship.   After each game, a child earns a sportsmanship award for showing great conduct with teammates and opponents.

Arin is dedicated to the process and can’t wait to make a difference.  “I am eager to do something on my own that has the potential to become successful,” says Finger. “I can’t wait to get involved with the local community and help kids succeed in life through sports!”

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