Former Local Customers Bring Popular Youth Sports Franchise Back to Cleveland

Former Local Customers Bring Popular Youth Sports Franchise Back to Cleveland

Pietruszka family pledges to make i9 Sports “better than ever” when it re-opens this September

 Cleveland, OH (May 28, 2013)– America’s first and fastest growing youth sports franchise has re-launched in Cleveland just in time for their fall sports programs, including flag football and instructional soccer. i9 Sports returns to the Cleveland area thanks to Rob and Kristy Pietruszka, local parents from Strongsville who were inspired by their son, a former i9 Sports participant, to purchase the franchise and revitalize the league.

PietruszkaDraft“As a father, all I want is for my son to be happy.  I’m not trying to get him into the NFL,” said co-owner Rob Pietruszka.  “Coaching him in i9 Sports flag football was the first time I saw him truly enjoying playing sports because it was so different than the ultra-competitive, win-at-all-costs leagues he had played in before. Kristy and I wanted to do this for all Cleveland families who, like us, want their kids to have a safe, fun and convenient youth sports alternative.”

Back are the i9 Sports pillars of fun, safety and family-friendly scheduling along with an improved communication system helping families plan their weekends better.

“i9 Sports has a great communication system which we plan to utilize to the fullest,” said Rob’s wife and co-owner, Kristy Pietruszka.  “Online registration for fall sports is already up and running, and our new email protocols will ensure that our members will have up-to-date information in plenty of time to plan their weekends following their children’s games.  We think this will attract new customers to i9 Sports and deliver an even more fulfilling experience to parents who enjoyed i9 Sports programs before.”

Cleveland families are now again among hundreds of thousands across the country who are enjoying the i9 Sports experience.   This experience includes:

  • Same day practices and games, one day a week – great for working parents because it cuts down on driving, fuel costs, and interruptions to family life and school work.
  • An emphasis on fun – i9 sports encourages healthy competition and keeps the focus on the #1 reason kids play sports – to have fun – instead of the “win at all costs” culture of other leagues
  • No fundraising or mandatory volunteering.  No tournament travel, coach and referee fees, trophy expenses, fundraising or parent volunteering required.
  • Safety first – i9 Sports leads the way in education of coaches, officials, and parents on the importance of safe play.   In addition to being the first national league to implement a “when in doubt, sit ‘em out” policy, the league offers no-contact flag football and has banned heading in soccer to greatly reduce the risk of concussions.
  • Parental Pledge and Sportsmanship – Parents sign a pledge to be a model of good sportsmanship.   After each game, a child earns a sportsmanship award for showing great conduct with teammates and opponents.

Sportsmanship, in particular, played a key role in the Pietruszkas’ decision to revitalize the i9 Sports franchise in Cleveland.

“Too often it seems our children are subjected to the bad behavior of adults,” Rob Pietruszka explains.  “Coaches screaming at each other, parents placing far too much emphasis on winning over fun…that’s not what I wanted for my children and it’s not what other families in Cleveland like us want.  That’s the fundamental reason why we decided to bring i9 Sports back to the Southwest Cuyahoga and Medina areas.   We are thrilled to get started and have some fun!”

Families can pre-register for the fall seasons of flag football and instructional soccer now for only $99 each through May 31st.For more information or to register, visit or call 440-334-5555.

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