The Most Underrated Advantage of Owning an i9 Sports Franchise

The Most Underrated Advantage of Owning an i9 Sports Franchise

i9 Sports franchise owners share the benefits of a supportive franchise culture

When you own a franchise, you’re not just buying a business – you’re joining a community of people working together to grow a robust and successful brand

The business model and leadership team are important. Marketing and training resources are, too. But one of the most underrated strengths of a franchise brand is the camaraderie among franchisees — and the way they share knowledge and support one another. 

i9 Sports® franchisees have a wealth of insight to offer. Thanks to the depth of their collective experience, i9 Sports owners have faced and solved the challenges that can arise while starting and building a business. Their advice is specific and applicable because i9 Sports franchise owners are all using the same business model.

What our franchisees say

One of the values that that is in our DNA as a youth sports franchise is teamwork, and that extends to the way owners treat one another. See what some of our franchisees have to say about the support they’ve received from fellow owners.

“We’re stoked about the support we’ve received, both from the main office and from other franchise owners. We’ve been in touch with other franchisees since before we signed on. They’re excellent sources of information as well as good for moral support.” – Shannon and Chrystal Phillips in Tennessee.

“We have found the community of franchisees extremely helpful. Any time we’ve had a question, we’ve reached out to fellow franchise owners and to other owners in our state, and they were extremely helpful.” – Eric and Nieshia Stephens in Maryland.

“We are mentored by multiple franchisees. We have multiple franchise owners that have been in the business for years and years — some over a decade — that are willing to talk to us any time and answer questions, help us with practical things, and help us with strategic planning. I’ve already made some amazing friends that I think will be lifelong friends.” – Michelle Mudge-Riley in Kentucky.

“I have people that I can call, and they have an understanding of my market. It’s nice to have other franchisees that I’m able to reach out to, and they’re all willing to help because they’re all just as passionate as I am.” – Tyler Himmelman in Colorado.

This informal network of support is in addition to support from the home office, including:

  • Business coaches who regularly meet with franchisees to help them drive revenue and profitability
  • Marketing and Operations education, resources, and ongoing support 
  • R&D and business tool development 

Learn more

You can read more i9 Sports franchise reviews from our owners. If you’re interested in our company, download our free business model eBook to familiarize yourself with the business model, financials, and key success factors for the business.

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