i9 Sports’ Emphasis on Convenience Makes Youth Sports Accessible for More Families

i9 Sports’ Emphasis on Convenience Makes Youth Sports Accessible for More Families

The business model for our youth sports franchise is much easier on families’ schedules. That makes a huge difference.

People who research i9 Sports tend to be passionate about youth athletics, but they often ask us how they’ll be able to attract enough customers when there is so much competition. In most communities, there are a lot of youth leagues available — that’s true. But most of those leagues aren’t set up in a way that makes it easy for busy families to participate.

One of the key factors that sets our youth sports franchise apart is our same-day practice and play schedule. By reducing the time commitment required, i9 Sports makes it easy for kids to participate in athletics and removes the obstacle to participation for busy families. This convenience is one of the reasons many families choose i9 Sports.

Current franchise owner Craig Magram initially became involved with i9 Sports as a customer for exactly this reason. “My son Justin was 6 or 7 years old, and he had an interest in sports. I didn’t have the time for taking him to games and practices three days a week, but I found i9 through a friend. We joined, and Justin played with i9 Sports until he graduated out of the program.”

Boys form huddle during an i9 Sports event

Other benefits of the i9 franchise

Another benefit to same-day practice and play, says i9 Sports Founder Frank Fiume, is that kids learn new skills and immediately apply them, which helps them retain what they have learned more easily. There’s no waiting — or time to forget — to practice their new skills.

An additional strength of the i9 youth sports franchise is that boys and girls ages 3 and up are eligible for play. Not all programs offer leagues for young children. In addition, our teams have no drafts or tryouts. Every player plays in every game for the entire season, and no one sits on the bench. The emphasis is on having fun, developing new skills, and learning good sportsmanship. All of these elements combine to give kids an opportunity to discover and fall in love with sports.

i9 Sports offers today’s popular sports: flag football, soccer, basketball, baseball, volleyball, and ZIP Lacrosse™. Kids aren’t limited to participating in a single sport, and that gives them opportunities to find which sports they like and prevents the burn-out that can come with playing a single sport.

These differences are just a few of the things that make i9 Sports a winner in choosing a franchise. Learn more about why you should become part of our team.

Own a youth sports franchise

i9 Sports is growing quickly, with dozens of new locations set to open in the coming months. We’re already a nationwide brand and have been named one of the best franchises you can start with less than $100,000. Click here to see if your territory is still available.

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