i9 Sports Franchise Is Unique in its Market

i9 Sports Franchise Is Unique in its Market

Youth sports franchise league recruits entrepreneurs who want to stand out from competition

In the nation’s crowded landscape of typical youth sports recreation leagues, i9 Sports stands out from the competition by offering not one or two — but six — sports for boys and girls ages 3-14. i9 Sports is the only youth sports league that equips its franchise owners to offer multiple sports, at multiple locations, each season of the year.

“There isn’t another sports league out there that offers what we do the way we do it,” i9 Sports President and CEO Brian Sanders said. “This creates an amazing opportunity for an entrepreneur who is passionate about building a local business that makes an indelible impression on the lives of kids. When our franchise owners get up in the morning, they know they can earn a living by making a positive impact on the lives of kids.”

We are the nation’s first and largest youth sports league and are actively recruiting entrepreneurs who are interested in bringing a thriving sports franchise to their communities. With the opportunity to operate a year-round sports business, franchise owners find their i9 Sports careers financially and personally rewarding. The youth sports market is a multi-billion-dollar-a-year industry encompassing 42 million kids annually — opening an i9 Sports franchise that offers multiple sports helps meet the growing demand.

Now is a great time to become an i9 Sports franchise owner

Last year, i9 Sports achieved a new all-time high level of network revenue, marking 12 consecutive years of growth. As the company expands its domestic leagues and targets growth across the globe, now is a great time for entrepreneurs to join the i9 Sports family as franchisees.

752G7573_ReSizedWith convenient, flexible hours — which translate into an enviable work/life balance — and no real estate or large upfront inventory requirements, i9 Sports is a compelling, low-investment franchise opportunity with an attractive profit potential.

“If I were buying a business, I would ask myself three questions: 1) Is this business something I’m passionate about; 2) Does this business have a record of success; and 3) Are the market and this business likely to grow so my investment will appreciate?” Brian said. “The time couldn’t be better to buy an i9 Sports franchise because we have created the rare business opportunity in which someone can answer a definitive ‘yes’ to all three questions. We have a proven formula for operating a successful business with a tremendous market need. It works.”

An overview of i9 Sports franchise’s sports

In terms of the overall mix, most kids play in the four core sports: flag football, soccer, baseball and basketball. A significant number of families also participate in cheerleading and lacrosse. When trying to decide which sports to offer, i9 Sports looked at the decision from a business perspective. They chose the sports that have the highest participation levels while also offering easy access to playing venues.

  • Flag Football – Flag football is i9 Sports’ most popular sport. Offering all the fun of tackle football without the same risk of injury, flag football is rapidly becoming the sport of choice among safety-conscious parents. Growing media coverage on the long-term effects of concussions has led to i9 Sports franchise owners seeing the benefit of offering THE safer alternative.
  • Soccer – In a recent study by the Sporting Goods Manufacturers Association (SGMA), outdoor soccer was cited as the second-most-popular sport for kids younger than 13. Indoor soccer is quickly becoming popular during the winter season in colder climates. As soccer participation begins at age 3, i9 Sports franchise owners are developing customers for life.
  • Basketball – Nationally, basketball is the most popular team sport for girls and boys. i9 Sports franchise owners operate basketball programs indoors and outdoors, which means a great deal of flexibility in venue options.
  • Baseball – In 2012, i9 Sports launched baseball programs nationally to the roaring applause of parents with kids ages 3-6. T-ball programs have allowed i9 Sports franchise owners to reach a whole new audience.
  • Lacrosse – During the past couple of decades across the United States, lacrosse increased in popularity among all ages of sports enthusiasts and athletes. Today, i9 Sports franchise owners can answer the demand in their communities for a lacrosse sports league for the preschool set.
  • Cheerleading – Cheering on sports teams has always been an important aspect of the youth athletic experience. By offering cheerleading, i9 Sports franchise owners can serve yet another group of kids: those who enjoy the physicality of kicks, jumps and arm motions while encouraging their teams through cheers and chants.

i9 Sports franchise offers rewarding career, work-life balance

1dx_8095_ReSizedi9 Sports franchise offers entrepreneurs a proven formula for operating a successful business to meet a tremendous market need. The possibilities for growth and expansion are wide open for i9 Sports. Most franchise owners today have less than a 2% share of the potential children signed up in their market. With a long-term vision to become the undisputed leader in recreational youth activities worldwide by delivering a superior and extraordinary customer experience, i9 Sports plans to expand internationally once its U.S. expansion is complete.

Learn more about i9 Sports franchise

We are seeking qualified candidates to become i9 Sports franchise owners to position i9 Sports as the most-recognized youth sports league in the country.

Want to learn more about becoming an i9 Sports franchise owner? Download our free report to start a conversation with us about opening an i9 Sports franchise!

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