i9 Sports Helps You Find the Best Location for Your Youth Sports Business Plan

i9 Sports Helps You Find the Best Location for Your Youth Sports Business Plan

It’s one of the first questions anyone considering opening a business asks himself or herself: Where will I find customers? No matter what kind of business you start, it’s paramount to understand how to connect with a population that wants to purchase your product or service.

At i9 Sports, we already know there are children and families all over the country looking for youth sports leagues just like ours — accessible, convenient and fun. For investors who take advantage of our low-cost franchise opportunity, we will help you set up a territory that will provide the most advantages for player enrollment.

How to start a sports league using population and market analysis


Throughout the United States, 42 million kids play organized sports annually, with 60% of them playing organized sports outside of school. And the numbers of young people in the country continue to grow, according to the U.S. Census Bureau. So, it’s no secret there are plenty of players available and interested in getting into a youth sports league.

 To figure out how to start a sports league that will have enough participants, i9 Sports assists its franchisees by performing a proprietary market analysis to help you decide on a territory. By comparing our customer profile against your nearby ZIP codes, we can determine whether the proposed territory has the ability to support multiple i9 Sports program locations. This information is invaluable in setting up a youth sports business plan.

Tweak your youth sports business plan as populations change

Once your prime territory is identified, i9 Sports grants you exclusive rights to that region. Having a protected territory means you won’t be competing for customers with other i9 Sports owners who have taken advantage of our low-cost franchise opportunity.

Though you’ll have a protected, exclusive territory, you’ll never have to buy or rent any office real estate because you can run your i9 Sports youth sports franchise right from your home. This gives you the flexibility to shift your territory as your population grows and you adjust your venues. With this flexibility, you can constantly tweak your youth sports business plan in a way that allows it to remain viable.

Helping you secure venues for your youth sports business plan

The only locations you have to worry about when considering how to start a sports league with i9 Sports are the venues where your athletes will play. You want a safe, comfortable and reliable place to host your practices, and your venues must also be located centrally for the convenience of your target customers.

As an investor in the i9 Sports low-cost franchise opportunity, you’ll have a personal business coach who will share with you our time-tested methods of securing contracts at playing locations with a high concentration of youth. Whether you need indoor or outdoor venues — or both — i9 Sports provides the data, context and connection-building skills to help you get there.

Learn more about the low-cost franchise opportunity from i9 Sports

We are currently targeting franchise expansion in more than 15 cities and regions throughout the United States, including Chicago, Northern Virginia, Detroit, Minneapolis and Salt Lake City. Contact us to find out more about this low-cost franchise opportunity.

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