Advance Your Youth Sports Business Plan With Our Proprietary Technology

Advance Your Youth Sports Business Plan With Our Proprietary Technology

One of the fundamental worries people have when considering a franchise investment is whether they will actually be able to do the work it takes to manage the business. Many potential investors are held back due to a profound fear of balancing and organizing operations, scheduling staff, managing finances and communicating with customers.

At i9 Sports, we have created a suite of technology tools that enable our franchisees to run their businesses with ease. Our proprietary software provides the foundation for our franchisees’ growth — the kind that led our franchisees to average six-digit revenue figures in 2015.

i9 Sports Proprietary Technology

A children’s franchise opportunity with league management software

Our one-of-a-kind proprietary software puts franchisees in control of managing almost every facet of their leagues. As a pioneer in league management technology, i9 Sports takes the guesswork and legwork out of establishing a smoothly operating sports league. Business owners can complete several tasks through the league management software:

  • Take registrations: Streamline sign-ups and accept payments
  • Build rosters: Create teams without stress or hassle
  • Schedule games: Easily coordinate times and dates and communicate them in real time
  • Countdown to Game Time: An online guide for managing daily tasks and balancing multiple sports in several locations

A low-cost franchise opportunity that helps you track progress

Knowing whether you’re gaining ground in the marketplace and how you can continue business growth is another concern for new business owners. People who invest in the i9 Sports children’s franchise opportunity receive access to a dedicated Personal Dashboard to quell those worries.

Through the dashboard, franchisees can track their business progress based on several factors, including registration count, revenue, customer renewal rate, marketing, year-over-year growth and many other metrics. The Personal Dashboard helps franchisees view and understand changes over time, and plan for future growth.

Additionally, our intranet system provides a Network Scorecard, giving franchisees an at-a-glance overview of the performance of other network franchises. This information allows i9 Sports franchise owners to benchmark their gains and progress against others, and tweak their youth sports business plan for maximum efficiency. It also opens the door to learn best practices from top performers within the network.

Integrate user experience into your youth sports business plan

Just as i9 Sports offers an outstanding technological experience to its franchisees, we provide the same level of accessibility and convenience to your customers. Our easy-to-use parent portal allows moms and dads to register their child in a program and then track game schedules and provides built-in payment and communication features. Our parent portal is one more way i9 Sports’ technology offering simplifies operations for franchisees and creates a positive experience for all through its low-cost franchise opportunity.

If you’re interested in a franchise that understands the role of technology in business growth and management, contact i9 Sports today to learn more about how our systems can help you.

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