i9 Sports Named a Top 100 Franchise Under $100K

i9 Sports Named a Top 100 Franchise Under $100K

Entrepreneur recognizes i9 Sports again — as one of the most affordable franchises in the U.S.

i9 Sports® has been recognized as a top franchise under $100,000 for 2023, and it’s the only youth multisport franchise named on Entrepreneur.com’s annual list. This isn’t the first time i9 Sports has made the listing, and it’s great to see our value recognized again. 

Our startup costs are low because: 

  1. i9 Sports is a home-based business.
  2. Our owners lease sport venues, with no need to buy real estate.
  3. You don’t need a large inventory or special equipment to start an i9 Sports league.

What makes us one of the best affordable franchises?

It’s not only our low costs that make i9 Sports an excellent value. We have unique advantages that add quality to our youth sports leagues. 


Most youth sports leagues don’t make it easy for busy families to participate because they require multiple practices and games every week and frequent weekend travel as well. i9 Sports has a same-day practice and play schedule. 

By reducing the time commitment required, i9 Sports removes an obstacle to athletic participation. This convenience is a reason why many families choose i9 Sports.


Our innovative technology is another major competitive advantage for i9 Sports — and the extent of our capabilities impresses franchise candidates when they visit us at our Tampa headquarters.

At the heart of our technology is proprietary software that we’ve built and expanded over two decades. It makes it easier for you to learn our business model, to train your staff, to empower your volunteer coaches, and to deliver an incredible customer experience.

Multiple sports

i9 Sports offers numerous sport leagues for kids: soccer, basketball, flag football, volleyball, baseball, tennis, and lacrosse. This gives children an opportunity to play different sports and find their favorites.

Playing a variety of sports is good for a child’s physical development and helps prevent injuries that can occur when a child specializes in a sport at too young an age.

It’s also good for an i9 Sports owner because it’s a source of year-round revenue. Because our sports offerings cover all four seasons, i9 Sports isn’t a seasonal business, unlike many other leagues that offer only a single sport.

A budget-friendly franchise agreement

Another factor that makes i9 Sports one of the most affordable franchises for entrepreneurs is our franchise agreements. We have two franchise agreements: one for 10 years and one for five years. With a 10-year agreement, the initial costs are paid upfront. With a five-year deal, the initial costs for the business are smaller, then are followed by a monthly franchise fee.

The five-year plan not only lowers your initial franchise costs but also provides more financial flexibility while your business is new.

Looking for candidates

i9 Sports is the first and largest youth sports league business in the U.S, and we’re seeking interested candidates to become i9 Sports owners. Download our free eBook to start learning how to open an i9 Sports business.

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