Meet Our Newest i9 Sports Owners

Meet Our Newest i9 Sports Owners

Our new i9 Sports owners are excited about the business

i9 Sports® is growing, with new i9 Sports owners opening locations throughout the country. Our business model has delivered value to customers and franchisees for two decades, but the benefits of joining a franchise go beyond systems, tools, and headquarter support.

Great franchises are also made up of great local business owners who support one another and celebrate achievements together. With that in mind, meet some new i9 Sports owners who recently completed training and are opening their own leagues:

North Houston, Texas, leagues

McGallion family

Ryan McGallion. Ryan first became involved with i9 Sports when his sons (Kian, now 14, and Owen, now 10) began playing in a league. He started his career in banking and is very active in the community, including as a coach. Ryan says his wife, Stephanie, is very supportive and wants to help with the business as it grows. Ryan enjoys building relationships, and he wants to expand to multiple venues, with camps and clinics, and with sponsorships, too.

Greater Tyler, Texas, leagues

Thigpen family

Ross and Brittany Thigpen. Ross first heard about i9 through a friend who bought a franchise, and now their own two kids play in i9 Sports leagues. Brittany is managing day-to-day operations for their i9 Sports franchise. “The right business will highlight our skills and allow us to use them in tandem with one another. We feel like i9 is an ideal fit for that,” Ross says. They plan to grow their franchise to multiple territories.

Cleveland, Lakewood, Westlake, and Loraine, Ohio, leagues

Moxley family

Dave Moxley. Dave has a sales background, with his most recent role as a sales and operations manager at an energy company. He found i9 Sports through his cousin, whose son played in an i9 Sports league. Dave’s son enrolled in an i9 baseball league last summer. Dave is passionate about i9 Sports’ impact. His experience getting out in the community will serve him well as an i9 Sports owner. Dave has a son and two daughters: Cole, 4; Nora, 6, who will be cheerleading with i9 Sports; and Layne, 1).

Greater Wichita, Kansas, leagues

Granger family

Stephanie and Geno Granger. The Grangers first learned of i9 Sports through friends of theirs in Texas. Both Stephanie and Geno were college athletes and wanted to ensure their children understood the importance of enjoying sports and not being locked in to one sport at a young age. “So many kids are burned out by the time they get to high school, and we wanted our children to learn to love being active and also have time to enjoy other social activities,” says Stephanie, a licensed clinical psychologist. The Grangers have four toddlers.

Fort Collins, Loveland, Greeley, and Windsor, Colorado, leagues

Boyett family

Joshua and Emily Boyett. The Boyetts have been involved with i9 Sports for about three years, starting when the oldest of their three children (Ezra, 6; Charlie, 3; and Lucy, 1) began to play with i9. Joshua and Emily serve as pastors in their church, leading the efforts of about 500 volunteers. “We are passionate about youth sports. This opportunity seems like a perfect fit for something we have wanted for a long time,” says Joshua.

Denver, Highlands, City Park, and Park Hill, Colorado, leagues

Venable and Croxton families (L to R)

Anthony Venable and Chris Croxton. Chris and Anthony became i9 Sports owners as business partners and run their location jointly. Both have backgrounds in working with kids, teaching tennis, and managing tennis departments and programming. Anthony and Chris both grew up playing multiple sports and love the values and teamwork that sports provide to kids. They are looking forward to using their knowledge to give kids the fun experiences they had as children. (Photos: Venable family on left, Croxton family on right).

Peoria, Arizona, leagues

Leslie Thompson. Leslie’s daughter played soccer and basketball in i9 Sports leagues. Leslie’s background is in the mortgage loan business, and she loves helping clients achieve their goals. “I need a business that allows me to do something positive for my client,” she says. Leslie’s son is in the Army and will help with the business when he is discharged. They plan for him to take over the business eventually.

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