The Surprisingly Robust Tech Powering i9 Sports’ Growth

The Surprisingly Robust Tech Powering i9 Sports’ Growth

Our proprietary systems smooth challenges that can derail other youth sports leagues

When you think about youth sports leagues, your first thought probably isn’t about how great the technology is. But, truth is, technology is one of the major competitive advantages for i9 Sports® franchisees — and the extent of our tech capabilities tends to blow away serious franchise candidates when they visit us in-person at our Tampa headquarters.

At the heart of it is proprietary software that we have built and expanded over the past two decades. It makes it easier for you to master our business model, train your staff, empower your volunteer coaches, and deliver an incredible customer experience.

Tech overview

We have resources and information to help you with every aspect of running your business. There are four sections:

  • Operations, with step-by-step guidance on establishing and running your franchise
  • Training and support, with access to all current and past training
  • Sport resources, with practice plans, stat sheets, and more
  • A customer portal where you can communicate with your members.


Our “Franchise Manager” helps with day-to-day management. It tracks members, registrations, revenue, and customer satisfaction levels as well as season-specific registration goals, projections, and renewal rates.

Franchise Manager also keeps you up to date on important follow-up tasks for your business, and key performance indicators.

“Growth Opportunities” shows you how to increase your revenue in various ways, such as adding new members, increasing your territory penetration, and growing your registration numbers. It will show you what your revenue could be by reaching these goals. Our business coaches regularly work with franchisees, as well, to help find ways to achieve these goals.

Training and support

The training and support section uses interactive modules to teach users about coaching, officiating, and operations. Trainings modules are tailored to each role, whether you are game day staff, or have a different role.

Users also can enroll themselves in courses they are interested in.

Sport resources

Sport resources include age-appropriate practice plans (Pee Wee, Junior, Senior) that include warm-ups, drills, and example plays. Coaches can access the plans at any time — and can even build and save their X’s and O’s drills and plays. We also have vieo practice plans for some of our core sports.

The roster builder allows you to build rosters in minutes — a task that takes hours if you’re trying to do it using registration forms and spreadsheets. You can use our Buddy System to ensure that kids who want to play together are on the same team. You can check the average age, height, and weight of kids so you can assign them to teams in a way that’s balanced.

Like the roster builder, the schedule builder is an incredible time-saver. You can see practice and coach information so it’s easily accessible when you’re in the middle of play. You can quickly change information like game time and publish the schedule on the website for customers to view.

The customer portal

Last is the customer portal, used for communication. If you have participated in youth sports in the past, you may have experienced fragmented messaging and a lot of last-minute scrambling. Our portal solves that by enhancing communication between you and your customers.

For you, the portal makes it easy to talk with families, make announcements, and publish updates. For them, it’s an easy way to enroll their children and get the latest information about their leagues.

You don’t have to worry about missed messages, and parents have the convenience of going to the portal when they have time – no matter what their schedule.

The portal also lessens the amount of time spent on phone calls.

Learn more

This is a great time to start a youth sports league franchise. Want to learn more about i9 Sports opportunities? Download our free franchise report to learn more.

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