Mobile Coaching app empowers you and your team

Mobile Coaching app empowers you and your team

i9 Sports® uses technology to simplify managing your youth sports business

One of the keys to growing your youth sports business is to empower your teams. You can’t do everything by yourself – and you can only personally serve so many customers and oversee so many people. i9 Sports has built systems and tools that are designed to empower your team members and to allow you to delegate tasks. That way, your customers get a lot of great personal attention — without it always having to be your attention.

A great example of empowering your team is our Mobile Coaching app, which you and your coaches can download to your phones from your preferred app store. This app helps your coaches understand what they should be doing each week so they can provide a consistent and professional experience for players and families. This is especially helpful for your volunteer coaches.

The Mobile Coaching app builds coaches’ confidence

What exactly does the Mobile Coaching app offer? It starts with weekly practice plans for players at all age levels. It highlights a weekly sportsmanship value as well as videos of fundamental skills, drills, and plays to further help your coaches teach players.

These resources allow your coaches to deliver quality instruction without the stress of creating their own plans, giving your coaches confidence when they’re out on the field or court or when they’re talking to parents. As your coaches become more skilled, the app’s custom features allow them to draw up their own plays and make instructional notes.

In a nutshell, the app allows users:

  • To see weekly practice plans for players at all age levels
  • To receive a weekly sportsmanship value
  • To get new ideas and coaching tips
  • To watch videos of skills and drills
  • To make practice plans in an easy to use template
  • To customize plays using a whiteboard feature

Of course, technology still needs a human touch. Ted Smith, an i9 Sports franchisee in Florida, says he and his staff explain the Mobile Coaching app to parents so that when coaches are consulting practice plans “we don’t look like we’re playing around on our phones,” he says.

Instead, parents discover that the coaches are following a careful plan so they can consistently deliver the i9 Sports experience. It’s one of our many tools for success.

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