Mom Now Business Owner With an i9 Sports Franchise in Denver

Mom Now Business Owner With an i9 Sports Franchise in Denver
i9 Sports franchisee, Claudia Feldstein
i9 Sports franchisee, Claudia Feldstein

America’s first and fastest growing youth sports franchise continues to expand into Littleton, Englewood and Denver Colorado, opening with spring sports programs, including flag football and instructional soccer.

As her children grew up, it became time to go back to work.  For Claudia Feldstein the perfect opportunity to have a balanced life and offer support to her family came from purchasing an i9 Sports Franchise.  “The more I looked into it and researched, the more confident I felt about it,” says Feldstein.

With Claudia’s Masters Degree in Genetics and over 8 years of experience in the children’s unit of a psychiatric hospital, she will bring confidence in interacting with children, parents and partners. As a mom of two and parent of an i9 Sports participant, Claudia understands and can relate to her customers.

Littleton, Englewood and Denver families are among hundreds of thousands across the country who are enjoying the i9 Sports experience.   This experience includes:

  • Same day practices and games, one day a week – great for working parents because it cuts down on driving, fuel costs, and interruptions to family life and school work.
  • An emphasis on fun – i9 sports encourages healthy competition and keeps the focus on the #1 reason kids play sports – to have fun – instead of the “win at all costs” culture of other leagues
  • No fundraising or mandatory volunteering.  No tournament travel, coach and referee fees, trophy expenses, fundraising or parent volunteering required.
  • Safety first – i9 Sports leads the way in education of coaches, officials, and parents on the importance of safe play.   In addition to being the first national league to implement a “when in doubt, sit ‘em out” policy, the league offers no-contact flag football and has banned heading in soccer to greatly reduce the risk of concussions.
  • Parental Pledge and Sportsmanship – Parents sign a pledge to be a model of good sportsmanship.   After each game, a child earns a sportsmanship award for showing great conduct with teammates and opponents.

Claudia is most excited about “being able to make all the decisions that affect the business, determining how fast and how big I want to grow, and having all the guidance and help I need to do so”.

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