‘Idea guy’ SayQuan Scott Invests His High Energy Into i9 Sports

‘Idea guy’ SayQuan Scott Invests His High Energy Into i9 Sports

When SayQuan Scott told his family he was thinking about starting an i9 Sports business, they thought it was just another one of his big ideas.

“I’m an idea guy; I have a million ideas every day, so they’re used to me coming up with ideas. They were like, ‘OK, Quan, sure, sounds good,’” Scott said.

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But when Scott started digging into the details of i9 Sports’ widespread success, the franchise foundation and its growth potential, his family became more convinced that the i9 Sports low-cost franchise opportunity could be perfect for him. Now that Scott has been working the youth sports business plan through his i9 Sports franchise in Harrisburg, Pa., for over a year, he looks back and says it was the support of his mom, dad, grandmother and his younger brother that led him to this point.

Looking for a fun, high-energy career

A native of Harrisburg, Pa., Scott graduated from Slippery Rock University in 2011 with a degree in information technology. While attending school there, he played running back for the football team, just as he had done at his high school. Scott said he was originally inspired to play football by his uncle, the late Kevin Mitchell, who played in the NFL for nine years on three teams. He counts Mitchell among his biggest role models.

Immediately after graduation, he worked at the university as an IT technician for a couple of years before moving to a job as a programmer analyst at a Pittsburgh credit union.

“Playing football in college and then going to sit at a desk job is a big culture shock, to your brain and your body,” Scott said.

To be active and make some extra money, Scott began coaching football with the Pittsburgh i9 Sports program. He had always enjoyed working with kids, and he found that the positive and inclusive atmosphere of the i9 Sports program suited his personality. Although he played football in high school and college, Scott said joining sports teams wasn’t a priority to him as a kid.

“Growing up, I really didn’t care about organized sports. I just liked going out and playing with my friends,” Scott said. “That’s why I started i9 Sports—it’s the same kind of feeling.”

As Scott got more acquainted with the i9 Sports children’s franchise opportunity, he began getting advice from others within the organization. They talked with him about life as an i9 Sports franchise owner, and the training, support and technology tools the company provides to help franchisees grow. Scott said he was particularly attracted to the fact that the program was templated for him. Because he was new to the business world, i9 Sports’ well-developed franchise program gave him the training and confidence he needed to launch his business.

“i9 Sports makes it easy to start the business and get it going. If you follow the plan, and you work it, it will work. It’s all laid out,” he said. “Owning a franchise teaches you about business. You do the right thing and the rewards pay off.”

The perfect children’s franchise opportunity

Mostly, Scott said he was attracted to the i9 Sports low-cost franchise opportunity because it gave him the chance to work with children and offer them a fun outlet for play. His football, basketball and soccer leagues focus on good sportsmanship and the enjoyment of growing your skills alongside friends. Kids have too much pressure to perform these days — in school, sports and other activities — and it discourages them from having a good time and growing at their own pace.

“Sports really teach you about life. Life is a big game. It’s all about how you approach it,” Scott said. “Yeah, maybe you missed. But no matter what the score was, did you have a good time? We can always fall back on that — did you have fun?

“With i9 Sports, there’s no pressure. You come out and play, and then you don’t have to worry about it until next weekend.”

Working with the kids continues to be his favorite part of operating the business, and Scott makes time to coach every weekend, many times with his dad on the sidelines and his mom at the i9 Sports tent. It’s the same schedule he had before — working in the office during the week and being on the field on Saturdays and Sundays — but now he’s running the show, and makes his own schedule. It’s the kind of high-energy environment that works for Scott, and it’s a youth sports business plan that suits his attitude toward life.

“I needed i9 Sports for my personality because I’m impatient. It’s growing with me. As it grows, I grow,” he said. “And I’m going to just keep growing. If I can own the rest of Pennsylvania, I will.”

Get your own youth sports business plan

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