Ex-Pro Athletes Consider Starting a Sports League Business

Ex-Pro Athletes Consider Starting a Sports League Business

Only a small fraction of hopeful athletes ever make it to the pros. And those who are lucky enough to play professionals sports typically spend less than 10 years at the highest level. Pro sports careers typically don’t last very long, and many pro athletes find themselves in search of a new line of work after retirement.

When pro athletes retire, they often find themselves wanting to remain connected to the world of athletics. This inevitably leads them to wonder how to make money from sports in another way, while staying connected to a profession they love. Starting a sports league business with i9 Sports presents the perfect pathway for an ex-pro athlete to stay in the game, while owning a business poised for long-term growth.

Professional athletes who learn about the i9 Sports children’s franchise opportunity often find it’s a good fit. This is what former NFL wide receiver Marcus Thigpen discovered, leading him to invest in his i9 Sports territory in Plano, Texas. After retiring from pro football, Thigpen wanted to stay engaged in sports while pursuing entrepreneurship. Starting a sports league business became his new reality once he learned about i9 Sports.

Keith Smith, i9 Sports franchisee and former NFL player

The same happened to Keith Smith, who, after seven years playing in the NFL decided to invest in an i9 Sports franchise in suburban Atlanta. Smith knows firsthand how kids can learn about success through sports, something that drives him to work harder every day. He also recognized the opportunity to be a part of the growing market of youth sports programs by starting a sports league business.

Starting a sports league business is easier than you think

While many retired pro athletes are interested in starting a career in business or the corporate world, many don’t have the career experience to act as a foundation. When you take advantage of the i9 Sports children’s franchise opportunity, you don’t have to worry about not having a business background. Our extensive training program gives you all the knowledge, encouragement and tools franchise owners need to get started on the right foot.

The comprehensive, yearlong i9 Sports University franchisee training begins with five days of classroom education at our headquarters in Tampa, Florida, where you’ll learn every aspect of our business from members of our corporate staff, including our CEO Brian Sanders. Training continues as you set up your business, teaching you to how to operate your day-to-day business, including:

  • Setting up fields and courts
  • Communicating with customers
  • Building team rosters and schedules
  • Staffing your business
  • Optimizing customer satisfaction
  • Marketing and growth planning

If you have a passion for sports and the drive to build your business, i9 Sports will back you up in every way we can.

We understand how to make money from sports

When franchise owners provide the i9 Sports Experience to each and every young athlete who registers in our leagues — and their parents — we know they’ve fostered an environment of positivity, teamwork, convenience and fun. This culture is at the core of everything we do at i9 Sports.

If you’re an ex-pro athlete, we know you’ll appreciate our positive approach to youth sports. But we’re willing to bet you’re also thinking about the bottom line — and thinking big — and we’re right there with you.

As we prioritize an incredible experience for every participant, franchise owners also value the income collected from their leagues. Many i9 Sports franchisees have seen great financial returns from their hard work and commitment to the i9 Sports children’s franchise opportunity.

Make the move to a children’s franchise opportunity with i9 Sports

Now is your time to join a growing team of ex-professional athletes who are staying connected to their passion by starting a sports league business with i9 Sports. Read about the journey of ex-NFL wide receiver Marcus Thigpen, and contact i9 Sports to start your own story today!

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