The Youth Sports Business Has a Huge Market to Serve in Any Economy

The Youth Sports Business Has a Huge Market to Serve in Any Economy

Why i9 Sports is a Great Choice for People Ready to Control Their Future

The economy has been going through a rough patch, and JP Morgan expects the United States to enter a mild recession in 2023.

When the economy gets shaky, it often spurs people to take control of their own destiny by exploring new business opportunities. Why make money for someone else and worry about their decision-making and how it might impact your livelihood?

If you’re thinking of opening a youth sports business, but are hesitating because of the uncertain economy, you’re in the right place – i9 Sports® has a 20-year track record of success. We grew through the Great Recession of 2008 thanks to a combination of great franchisees, solid support, and a business model that keeps costs low while tapping into a huge, underserved market.

Youth sports leagues serve 60 million children annually. Yet many kids are still left out or chased away because sports stop being fun. You can help fix that in your community — and earn a lot of repeat business and great word-of-mouth as a result.

Why start now?

As an industry, youth sport leagues are more recession resistant than most. Even when families cut back on expenses, parents still spend as much as they can on their children’s development. And with 60 million kids playing nationwide, even if the numbers briefly shrink, you still have a massive market to serve.

All you need to do is follow i9 Sports’s proven youth sports business model. This model guides franchisees through the process of starting and then operating a business, step by step.

Franchisor support is there as you ramp up to open your business and as you settle into day-to-day operations. For example, as an i9 Sports owner, you’ll have a business coach who will work with you one on one to launch and grow your business. Your coach will help with all phases of business operations and suggest opportunities to increase revenue.

Another great resource is other franchise owners. Franchisees are eager to share their own experiences and offer guidance. According to our franchisees, one of the i9 Sports advantages is the great support offered by the franchisee network.

How do I start a youth sports business?

To start, you need to have a passion for youth sports and a commitment to bettering your community. We’re looking for people who want to make a difference in kids’ lives and in their local communities.

Our brand is about sportsmanship and fun. i9 Sports is for all kinds of kids. We love enrolling kids that excel in sports, but we also love enrolling kids who just want to play with their friends. The good news is, elite athletes represent a much smaller market.

We are able to serve a much larger audience with a culture of learning and playing sports in a fun way that teaches critical life skills. In our leagues, everyone plays. Our brand of play is about playing with friends, about sportsmanship, and about encouraging a lifetime habit of fitness.

Learn more about the youth sport business

i9 Sports is the country’s first and largest youth sports league business opportunity. We offer leagues, camps, and clinics for boys and girls ages 3 to 14 in popular sports, such as flag football, soccer, basketball, baseball, volleyball, and lacrosse.

To find out more about i9 Sports and our available franchise opportunities, download our free franchise report.

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