Why i9 Sports is One of the Best Franchises for 2023

Why i9 Sports is One of the Best Franchises for 2023

See How Our Business Model is Designed for Success

If the new year has you exploring a new career path as a business owner, and you’re starting to turn your dream into a reality, this article will help. Let us show you why i9 Sports® is one of the best franchises for 2023, thanks to our business model that makes our youth sports league franchise simple to start, manage, and grow.

Affordable to start and to run

Unlike franchises that require large initial investments, our startup costs are affordable. i9 Sports owners don’t need to invest in real estate or inventory, which keeps costs lower. You can start an i9 Sports league with as little as $36,500

Your leagues are designed to require a small paid staff. Our coaches are volunteers, and we’ll show you how to recruit them – from parents whose kids are in your leagues to others in your community. 

We’ll also show you low-cost marketing tactics that effectively drive registrations. Our marketing game plan provides a day-by-day plan for building your business. You should expect to devote time to getting out in your community to meet people, including parents, other small-business owners, school staff, and others involved in youth sports.

Proven business model and great support

We have a proven business model, and we’ll match you with a business coach dedicated to helping grow your business. We’ll help you identify appropriate sports venues for your leagues and show you how to build a loyal customer base.

Recurring year-round revenue streams

i9 Sports has multi-sport leagues for kids ages 3 to 14: flag football, soccer, baseball, tennis, basketball, volleyball, and lacrosse. Many kids register to play different sports over multiple seasons. In addition, kids often recruit their friends to play in i9 Sports leagues with them.

Our model helps generate great repeat business, thanks to word of mouth among families, our multi-sport model, and the kids who return to play season after season.


One of the aspects of our business model that sets i9 Sports apart for families is our same-day practice and play model. Game day is the same day every week, and it starts with practice followed directly by the game. 

This model is great for busy families who don’t have time for multiple practices and games throughout the week. It attracts parents who want their kids to play sports but whose kids are excluded because they can’t make the time commitment demanded by other leagues.

Same day practice-and-play is good for the kids because the games let them use their new skills right away. It’s also helpful for the owner. You’ll likely have busy weekends, but your schedule will be freer during the week.


Our franchise is perfect for those who are interested in youth sports or helping kids learn and play. We’re not a hypercompetitive league. Our focus is on fun. We want kids to enjoy themselves and benefit from age-appropriate instruction. 

There are no tryouts or drafts, and everyone gets to play. If you have not already visited an i9 Sports league on a practice-and-game day, you should. There’s a palpable feeling of joy when all the kids play and the focus is on sportsmanship first, and winning second.

Kids learn about teamwork and healthy competition — lessons they’ll remember as they grow up.

Interested in one of the best franchises for 2023?

i9 Sports is the nation’s first and largest youth sports league business with franchise locations operating nationwide. Our franchisees offer youth sports leagues, camps, and clinics for boys and girls ages 3 to 14 in today’s most popular sports.

To learn more about our business model, download our free franchise report. To see our available territories, click here.


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