We’re so much more than a youth baseball league

We’re so much more than a youth baseball league

Baseball is a great intro sport for kids. But you have a clear business advantage over a youth baseball league when you can offer 5 more sports.

A boy wearing an i9 Sports jersey catches a baseball in his mitt with a look of joy on his face while a teammate looks on.

Baseball is a great introductory sport for kids. It teaches hand-eye coordination, non-contact teamwork and gets the whole family involved. A youth baseball league seems like it would be a great business proposition — but i9 Sports lets you level up.

At i9 Sports, franchise owners have a tremendous business advantage over youth baseball leagues because our sports franchise offers so much more. Our franchises offer youth sports leagues, camps and clinics for boys and girls ages 3-14 in flag football, soccer, basketball, baseball, ZIP Lacrosse™ and volleyball.

It’s fun for the kids and convenient for parents, because practices and games are held on the same day at the same location. No high-pressure travel games, no frustrated parents screaming in the stands (it’s not allowed). 

The sports offering

An estimated 60 million children play some type of youth sports every year, and that number is expected to increase to 80 million by 2030, according to the National Institutes of Health.

At i9 Sports, we have had over 2 million player registrations at our 140+ locations nationwide. That’s because we offer age-appropriate instruction in a safe environment in a way that focuses on fun, not competition. 

In his Youth Sports Manifesto, CEO Brian Sanders writes, “Team sports are a dress rehearsal for life. In fact, there is no better tool to teach kids the skills necessary to succeed in life than sports. Yet, something has gone terribly wrong. Youth sports have been hijacked by adults, and kids are literally losing out. We offer this manifesto as a rallying cry to everyone involved with youth sports to return them to what they should be… fun games for kids.” 

Strong business opportunity

With so many sports on offer, the season never really has to end. Kids can segue from baseball to soccer to flag football to basketball, with volleyball and ZIP Lacrosse™ thrown in. Franchisees find that families come back year after year, enrolling their children in multiple sports and providing recurring revenue streams. 

Sports are increasingly viewed as a necessity rather than a luxury. They keep kids away from screens and get them moving, aiding in both physical and intellectual development. They are a centerstone of the community. We have a history of strong performance both in a growth economy and in more challenging economic conditions, because parents today understand better than ever the benefits of sports.

Franchise owners with i9 Sports have access to top-notch support, including our industry-leading financial planning and benchmarking software that lets franchisees track their financial picture and see how they stack up against their peers. We offer comprehensive training for their mostly-volunteer coaches so the coaches understand how to be better coaches on the field in ways that dovetail with our culture. That includes learning how to properly teach the specific sport for the age group they’re coaching.

One of the main reasons people buy an i9 Sports franchise is to support our mission of helping kids succeed in life through sports. It’s more than baseball, and it’s a youth sports league unlike any other.

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