Who are my teammates and how do they help me win?

Who are my teammates and how do they help me win?

At i9 Sports, the individual is only as strong as the team. That’s why we’ve got business coaches and peer groups to help you succeed.

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Every decent franchise has a stack of best practices, to-do lists and daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly tasks that have to be accomplished to achieve success. But do they offer any support to help you stay accountable to doing the things you need to do to succeed? We pride ourselves on it.

As a youth sports franchise, our culture is thoroughly collaborative. Our culture is also competitive — in a good way. We’re all sports fanatics, after all. We have franchisee rankings based on performance. Our franchise owners are very open to sharing with one another, and as an owner you’ll have access to every other owner’s contact info nationwide. If you know a particular person tried something unique and different, you can just pick up your phone and call them.

And if it’s expert business coaching you’re looking for, the i9 Sports franchise system offers that as well.

Three ways we support franchisees

Here’s a closer look at some of the ways we make you feel like a supported team member of our youth sports franchise organization:

Business coaches. An individual business coach will be assigned to you to assist with whatever your needs are throughout the life of your franchise. We choose your coach based on personality tests, so your coach will complement your strengths and weaknesses. If you’re good at the big picture stuff, your business coach will be an expert at parsing out the details.

New owners have a required weekly call with their business coach. As they start to get their arms around the operations, the calls move to biweekly, then eventually on an as-needed basis. Coaches hear from some franchisees every day, and from some, almost never.

Peer networking. When it comes to networking with other owners, you’ll find a very collaborative, sharing culture in place. Each year, all our franchise owners gather at a national convention or a regional meeting. Our national convention is in June this year, and all our franchisees will be there to hear what’s next for i9 Sports. There’s always a lot of heart-to-heart conversations about everything from challenges to big wins. In addition, we have monthly nationwide huddle calls that help facilitate the exchange of information and best practices. We also have an internal Facebook group where our franchisees can network with other owners and share ideas.
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Franchise Advisory Council (FAC). Many franchise brands have some type of FAC, but one thing that’s unique about the i9 Sports FAC is the makeup of the Council: some are top performers, some are middle-range and some are at the lower end of the spectrum. It’s a great way to help all franchisees feel heard, and it’s a great way for the i9 Sports leadership team to get a diverse perspective on what is and isn’t working. As a 15-year-old brand, we have all the systems and processes down. Now, we rely on owners to tell us what we need to do to refine them to help franchisees run their businesses better.

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