Why All the Kids Franchise Opportunities?

Why All the Kids Franchise Opportunities?

It’s a big market opportunity. See how i9 Sports® franchise rises above the rest.

A girl races upfield with the football as other kids pursue her during a game of flag football.If you are researching franchises you might be asking why all the kids franchise opportunities?

Youth sports franchises, birthday party franchises, tutoring franchises — you name it, and there’s probably a kids franchise opportunity to serve it. But is the market already over-saturated? Yes and no. Let’s examine the market.

School funding cuts are increasingly forcing extracurricular activities into the private sector. Coupled with the growing population of kids under the age of 14 and a proliferation of dual income households, that has created a huge market for kids franchise opportunities. Parents are constantly on the lookout for ways to keep their children active and engaged, and they’re willing to pay for these opportunities.

As with any big market opportunity, some over-saturation is inevitable. Some concepts will thrive and others will fade away. What i9 Sports offers is a kids franchise opportunity with a solid, low-cost business model, great unit economics, a solid marketing plan and time-tested systems that have pushed us to the head of the pack.

Here are some of the reasons i9 Sports is among the top kids franchise opportunities.

We help you market your business

As an i9 Sports franchise owner, you won’t be growing your business alone. We have an experienced marketing team who will provide you with time-tested strategies to attract customers and grow your franchise. We have a step-by-step marketing plan that outlines the most cost-effective ways to target customers through local businesses, schools, community events and online marketing. We’ll teach you how and when to market, and how to measure your results to adjust the plan as needed.

One of our most effective marketing tools is our Customer Service Center. Highly trained customer service representatives will take all of your calls for you, freeing you up to network and do in-person marketing to develop your business. The goal of our bilingual Customer Service Center staff is to convert every inquiry into a registration. We are able to provide this incredible benefit to our franchisees at a fraction of what it would cost to hire someone locally.

Our recurring revenue model

Since we offer multiple sports that operate year-round, you are able to offer kids and families in your community year-round team activities. Not only does this keep revenue flowing throughout the year, it also allows you to enroll the same kid in multiple sports and keep them engaged in the i9 Sports program. Each kid often becomes a magnet for siblings and friends to also participate, and we usually keep kids enrolled in our programs for several years — watching their skills grow, not only as athletes, but also as teammates and leaders.

Our mission is to help children succeed in life through sports, and that’s why we provide a fun, safe experience in which kids can learn athletic skills and good sportsmanship values that will last a lifetime.

The i9 Sports culture provides age-appropriate activities that focus on the fun as well as the fundamentals, offering an alternative to the hyper-competitive, win-at-all-costs culture that pervades many youth sports programs today.

The convenience we offer parents — once-weekly practices on game day, at the same location; online registrations; no mandatory concessions activities or fundraisers — makes it much easier to manage than other sports leagues, and keeps families coming back and spreading the word to their friends and neighbors.

Learn more

If you’d like to learn more about investing in one of the most fulfilling kids franchise opportunities in the country, fill out the form on this page to download our free franchise report. You can continue exploring the i9 Sports offering on our research pages.

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