Why All the Kids Franchise Opportunities?

i9 Sports Flag Football PlayerIf you are researching franchises you might be asking why all the kids franchise opportunities?  Youth sports franchises, birthday parties, mobile gaming, jump houses, tutoring, early childhood development.  You name it and there is a kids franchise opportunity to serve it.  Are you wondering if all the kids franchise opportunities are a trend that will go away?  Are you concerned that the market may be over-saturated? I would answer no and yes to those questions.

The world has changed dramatically.  We have gone from a world where kids could head out the back door on Saturday morning to play unsupervised with friends and where the majority of extracurricular activities were part of the public school experience, to a scary world where all of our kid’s activities are supervised and school funding cuts have forced extracurricular activities to the private sector.  Add to that a growing population of kids under fourteen, a proliferation of dual income households, and more single parent households and you have a world where there is a huge market for kids franchise opportunities.  Parents are constantly on the lookout for development opportunities for their kids and for opportunities to keep them active and they are willing to pay for these opportunities.

Now, anytime there is a big market opportunity there will inevitably be some over-saturation.  That does not mean that you should steer clear of a kids franchise opportunity.  What it does mean is that some concepts will survive and thrive and others will go away.  A kids franchise opportunity with a solid business model, great unit economics, a solid marketing plan, great systems and processes will thrive while those that are missing these fundamentals will go away.  If your skills and passion are leading you toward a kids franchise opportunity, then do your due diligence and don’t be afraid to leap at the right opportunity.