Why Are Youth Sports Franchises Better Business Opportunities Than Youth Tutoring Franchises?

Why Are Youth Sports Franchises Better Business Opportunities Than Youth Tutoring Franchises?

youth sports franchise compared to tutoring franchiseFrom after-school programs to arts and music activities to youth sports leagues, options abound for people looking to purchase a youth franchise. Most often, they’re looking for a way to combine a promising career with the satisfaction of making a difference in the lives of young people. When considering your options, take a moment to examine the benefits of an i9 Sports franchise compared to other opportunities, like tutoring franchises.

Teaching Strong Values

While tutoring franchises provide children with the knowledge needed to succeed in the classroom, there are many core values that an academic tutor cannot teach. The ability to work in a group toward a common goal, learn how to lead in critical situations, understand how to keep yourself disciplined, and sacrifice for the good of the team are all values children learn when they play youth sports. Parents recognize that these values are important and register their children in programs like i9 Sports. As a i9 Sports franchisee, you’ll be a source of these values for your players.

Pursuit of a Passion with Youth Sports

Sports are a staple of American culture. As an i9 Sports franchisee, you’ll foster a love of sports in your young players. Many kids dream of becoming professional athletes, but few will make it that far. Along the way, though, hyper-competitive impulses can strangle the fun out of sports. As an i9 Sports franchise owner, you will have the opportunity to show kids that sports can be fun. And, most importantly, they’ll be exposed to age-appropriate instruction that teaches kids to play sports and have fun in a safe manner.

Fulfilling a Need for Youth Sports

Youth sports franchises are also filling a growing gap in athletic opportunity. As schools face funding challenges, both after-school programs and school sports programs are being eliminated. In fact, between 2009 and 2011, $3.5 billion was cut from school sports budgets. As we learn about more and more studies showing the dangers of childhood obesity, youth sports franchises like i9 Sports have just as much impact on children’s health as tutoring franchises have on their minds.

Although they’re looking for ways to build their children’s formal education, parents also look to youth sports programs like i9 Sports to help their children stay active, especially when sports programs no longer exist in some school districts. With more than 2 million all-time player registrations in i9 Sports programs, we’re making a difference in the lives of many.


Becoming an i9 Sports franchisee has given many entrepreneurs the opportunity to do what they love while also teaching important life skills to a younger generation. If you’re interested in this opportunity, contact i9 Sports to learn more.

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