5 reasons to own an i9 Sports franchise

5 reasons to own an i9 Sports franchise

Find out how our youth sports franchise opportunities are helping driven people become business owners in a fun and fulfilling field

Whether you’ve never owned a business before or you’re an experienced franchise owner looking to diversify, i9 Sports has youth sports franchise opportunities with a lot to offer potential owners. Here are some of the best reasons to consider opening an i9 Sports franchise.

Two young girls in i9 Sports jerseys compete over a soccer ball as their teammates can be seen in the background.
Youth sports have strong and steady demand, and the market has a space for the organized and consistent experience i9 Sports franchise owners can provide.

Low initial investment

i9 Sports is a relatively low-cost franchise investment, ranging from $59,900 to $69,900.

That’s thanks to the fact that no real estate purchase, major capital equipment or significant upfront inventory is required. Keeping the investment low not only helps a new franchise owner get started, it also makes it easier to expand and open new territories.

Strong and consistent demand

Youth sports franchises offer a service with high demand that can stand up well in any economic conditions. There’s nothing that matters more to a parent than their children, and sports are an essential part of a healthy and happy childhood.

That’s how our business model is built to last. Activities for kids are some of the last expenses to go in a bad economy, and sports are among the few things that never goes out of style for any generation.

Superior customer experience

We stand out from park district programs by focusing on the customer experience we call The i9 Sports Experience®. Our youth sports franchises provide age-appropriate instruction that’s fun for kids and convenient for today’s busy families.

We also provide parents with stronger communication, without overburdening franchise owners, thanks to our customer call center. Our trained, courteous staff is available throughout the day so that parents always have someone to get in touch with.

Three young boys are smiling together outside, all dressed in i9 Sports gear.
Putting the focus on fun helps everyone have a better experience with i9 Sports.

An opportunity to give back

Working with schools and youth organizations is a major part of running an i9 Sports franchise, and that gives you ample opportunity to be a great neighbor. Doing good deeds for them can get your foot in the door for great marketing opportunities.

For example, many franchise owners donate their used, but good-condition, sports equipment to schools or youth charities when they buy new equipment for their franchise. That helps strengthen the relationships that can grow your business while providing something that those organizations truly need. That allows you to be someone who’s not just making money with your business, but is also making a positive impact on the community around you. And as those relationships build, you can grow awareness with parents and earn more registrations.

Fun for everyone

Finally, we put the focus on fun. For the kids, that’s what sports are supposed to be about. There are no tryouts, and every kid is guaranteed to play at least half of the game. That reduces competitive pressure while ensuring that every member of the team gets a chance to improve their skills and have a great time.

And for franchise owners, that can be the best part of the business. When the coaches, the parents and the kids are having fun, so are you. What more could you ask for than to run a franchise that helps you bring joy to your community?

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