Discovery Days Help You Make Decisions About Buying a Kids Sports Franchise

Discovery Days Help You Make Decisions About Buying a Kids Sports Franchise

From company culture to financial capabilities, there are a host of factors that determine the level of support you will receive from a franchisor. Prior to making a final decision to move forward, it’s a good idea to meet with key people who will support you in running your franchise.

At i9 Sports, we make this process easy by offering you the opportunity to attend an in-person Discovery Day at our headquarters in sunny Tampa, FL. This important event occurs after a potential franchisee has shown significant interest in owning a kids sports franchise.

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Before you attend a Discovery Day, it’s important to understand exactly what to expect. In short, a Discovery Day is an extended, in-depth meeting that allows prospective franchisees to establish personal relationships with the i9 Sports home office staff.

The event also gives you the opportunity to get some important questions off your chest. For instance, if you have any lingering questions about the Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD), you can get them answered during the Discovery Day session. In addition, i9 Sports staff will walk you through the final steps you’ll have to take in order to move forward.

Answering Your Questions about Owning a Kids Sports Franchise

At any point during Discovery Day, we welcome your questions about owning a kids sports franchise. Our goal in Discovery Day is to be a resource to you. We know buying a franchise is a major life decision, and we want to alleviate any concerns you may have.

Starting a kids sports franchise can be one of the biggest (and best) decisions you make in your life. But before you get started, we want to help you work through the finer details. During the process of getting your questions answered and getting to know us, we’ll also get to know you a little better, too!

Helping You Make a Decision about Franchise Ownership

During our Discovery Day, you’ll get all the information you need to make the final decision about whether or not to own a youth sports franchise. However, you won’t make the decision on the spot. We tell our prospective clients that they should bring their questions—not their checkbooks. Discovery Days help the i9 Sports team and prospective franchisees determine if this kids sports franchise is the right fit for both groups. Once you return home, you’ll talk with your i9 Sports contact to discuss this mutual decision. If both groups are ready to move forward, we’ll work together with you to complete the next steps to business ownership.

At i9 Sports, we welcome qualified individuals to be part of the growing youth sports industry as franchisees. With our low initial investment, time-tested business model, and extensive training and support, we’re dedicated to helping our franchisees achieve their business potential. Contact us to start learning more about buying a kids sports franchise!

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