5 things you need to do to succeed

5 things you need to do to succeed

These 5 key roles you’ll fulfill as an i9 Sports franchise owner will pave your pathway toward success

Some entrepreneurs become so preoccupied with ramping up their business they get a little lost when it comes to running it at a steady pace once it’s been launched. The beauty of joining a franchise system like i9 Sports is that we’ve already sorted out your to-do list on an ongoing basis. Our franchise support team does everything possible to make sure you can become the business owner you’ve always wanted to be.

As our franchisees will tell you, there are no big secrets to being successful with i9 Sports. It’s important to be passionate about changing children’s lives through sports, first and foremost. It’s also important to recognize that you’re a full-time business owner. If you treat your franchise like a side hustle, you’re going to fail.

Here are 5 key roles you’ll need to fulfill as an i9 Sports franchise owner to ensure you give yourself every chance to succeed:

1. Marketing. How about a Marketing Game Plan? We’ve got that. Marketing and customer acquisition are among your first and most important roles as an i9 Sports franchise owner. We’ll guide you through the steps to build brand awareness and teach you best practices for networking as well as proven tactics for traditional and digital marketing.

2. Venue acquisition & relationship management. One of the beauties of our business model is that you work from home, and you’ll never be tied to a long-term brick-and-mortar lease or have to invest in real estate. We’ll guide you to where your best customers are, using a proprietary market analysis that applies our customer profile against your zip codes.

3. Deliver a superior customer experience. i9 Sports franchisees fill an important niche in the market by offering parents a more convenient option and a superior customer experience compared to park district and travel leagues. No one is ever benched. We offer kids a healthy mix of learning, competition and fun. i9 Sports owners treat their customers with the care and attention they deserve, and that helps us stand out and grab market share.

4. Lead league culture and manage staff. Think of yourself as more of a league commissioner than a one-day-a-week coach. As such, you’ll set the tone for your sports franchise. i9 Sports puts a premium on fun and age-appropriate learning through sports. Our cost-effective, high-margin labor model relies mostly on part-time employees and volunteers. As owner, you’ll lead your staff in providing the superior customer experience i9 Sports is known for.

5. Build scale throughout entire territory. Our simple business model makes it easy to add sports and run more leagues with more teams to further increase your revenues. Your established relationships with venue owners can make it easier to add more locations to accommodate all the games, and our low-cost labor model makes it easier to expand your staff as well.

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