What it’s like to own an i9 Sports franchise

What it’s like to own an i9 Sports franchise

Finding the best youth sports franchise to own can be as simple as going straight to the source. Before you solicit franchisee validation, see what these i9 Sports owners have to say.

i9 Sports is the country’s first and largest youth sports franchise business, with more than 2 million player registrations spanning hundreds of communities nationwide. With an estimated 60 million kids participating in youth sports every year, there’s still plenty of room to grow. Here’s what current franchise owners have to say about the opportunity:

“Our home office is great. They have a very firm understanding of what each individual owner’s needs are. When I was just getting going, they knew they had to kind of hold my hand a little bit. That really helped me be successful launching my business. And right now if there’s anything that I do need from them, I have a dedicated business coach, and we have a very responsive IT department, purchasing managers, marketing team and HR department. They’re fantastic.”
Jeff Mackey, multi-unit franchisee in Iowa, Colorado and Florida

“I’m not heavily using my finance background. However, when I’m looking at the numbers I do have a really good understanding of everything, so that perspective really does help me out a lot. And my Excel skills that I had from my prior job do help me. But I honestly feel that anyone would be able to do this part of the business, whether you were in finance, you were a teacher or whatever just because of the tools that we were provided.”
Alisha Grant, multi-unit franchisee in Charlotte, North Carolina

“The future is bright. We’re rolling out new programs and new sports. We have a dedicated group of people focusing our energy on continually providing a great sports experience for kids, and we’re providing them with a safe place where they can learn life lessons and have a good time with their friends. Besides my three daughters and my wife, i9 Sports is the biggest blessing in my life. It’s been a tremendous opportunity.”
Scott Read, Houston and San Antonio, TX

“It is a business that requires a lot of hard work, but there’s enormous satisfaction both on the field and in the operations behind the scenes. The direction that we’re going in is exactly where we need to be: The way sports should be — fun, organized and convenient — that’s exactly what we do.
Todd Peterson, Fairfax, VA

“They want you to know that this is your business and that they are there as a support system. They will do anything they can to help you succeed, because they want every i9 Sports franchise to succeed. They don’t just say, “Hey, here’s the keys to the kingdom, go do whatever you want.” They’re there every step of the way and as you start to grow, they give you more flexibility.”
Izzy Rahim, Chicago

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If you’re qualified to own an i9 Sports franchise, you’ll have ample time to interview many of our franchisees before you sign your ownership agreement. To learn more about the brand, fill out the form to download our free franchise report and continue exploring our youth sports franchise research pages. Please visit our blog to read more i9 Sports franchise reviews.

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