Why an i9 Sports Franchise Is a Great Opportunity for Moms

Why an i9 Sports Franchise Is a Great Opportunity for Moms

Beautiful business mom is using a laptop and smiling while spending time with her cute baby boy at homeAs a mom, you may have seen the challenges of youth sports leagues. Between running from game to game, balancing practice schedules, navigating relationships with other parents, and looking out for kids’ safety, a decision to join a youth sports league can turn into a major time and emotional commitment. Our youth sports franchise offers an empowering opportunity for moms – and dads – to apply what they know about youth sports to not only make the experience better for families but also to run their own business.

Whether you’re looking to move away from your corporate career or want to start a new path after being a stay-at-home mom, you can find a work-life balance and potential for growth at i9 Sports. Here are four ways an i9 Sports franchise can make a difference in a mom’s future.

Capitalize on Your Experience

Moms understand that by choosing to enroll kids in sports, parents are counting on coaches and staff to ensure that their kids are having fun, learning the game, and staying safe. As a youth sports business owner, you’re making the decision to run a business that keeps age-appropriate instruction at the forefront alongside safety, fun, and convenience.

Balance Roles with More Flexibility

Finding balance as a family caretaker and a business owner can be challenging. With i9 Sports, franchisees can find that balance as they build their own schedules and work from home. A growing youth sports business doesn’t detract from family priorities. With a work-at-home business model, our kids franchise opportunity opens the door for moms to reach their career goals while remaining connected with their families.

Make Money for Your Household

i9 Sports franchisees have access to the tools they need to drive their businesses because of our training, support, and proprietary software. With their own drive and ambition, franchisees have the potential for significant returns. Among our longest-running franchisees, the average annual revenue is $383,712 [1].

Impact Your Community

With school fundraisers, youth activities, and volunteering, family caretakers are busy people – including working moms. i9 Sports franchisees combine their community spirits with a passion for business, making it possible for busy families to enjoy the benefits of playing sports. That contribution has potential for significant growth personally and financially.

i9 Sports sets up franchisees to succeed with a customer-first attitude, operational excellence, relentless optimism, and above all, a fun community for all. If you’re interested in investing in an i9 Sports franchise, contact us to take the next step.


[1] This is the average revenue for franchisees who have been in business for 60 months or more, as disclosed in our 2017 Franchise Disclosure Document.

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