Step Out of the Boardroom and Into a New Lifestyle with a Youth Sports Franchise

Step Out of the Boardroom and Into a New Lifestyle with a Youth Sports Franchise

Abstract angle of an empty boardroom tableYou’re out the door at 6:30 a.m. on a dreary Monday morning. Taking a sip of your coffee, you prepare yourself for a long commute. The rain will add at least another 20 minutes to your drive. Your melancholic mood is in stark contrast to the happiness you felt over the weekend. You and your wife shuttled the kids to their first i9 Sports soccer practice and game of the season; you took in a movie on Saturday night; and you spent yesterday finishing up your kids’ new playhouse, enjoying the sun and brisk fall weather. But then, as Sunday night approached, you started to feel the dread of going into the office. Your calendar is filled with meetings and a 24-hour trip to the West Coast headquarters.

Sound familiar? As more and more professionals find their schedules packed with long commutes, paper-pushing, and late afternoon conference calls, the pull to leave the boardroom is real for many. i9 Sports offers a franchise opportunity that can help you do just that. If it’s time for you to make a change, consider the benefits of running a youth sports business.

Run a Youth Sports Business on Your Own Time

Leaving the corporate enterprise and starting your own business can be a daunting venture. However, with proper training and support from a franchise like i9 Sports, you can reap a plethora of benefits. Being on your own time clock is possibly the most rewarding of all. Of course, during the early days of starting your own franchise, you will wake up early and go to sleep late, but you’ll also have the flexibility to set your own schedule and make time for your top priorities: your family and your future.

Be Part of a National Franchisee Network

i9 Sports franchisees are entrepreneurs with the same agenda in mind: to build businesses with the potential for financial rewards while working for themselves. The national network gives access to new ideas and one-on-one conversations with others who are experiencing the same issues as you. This brings in more creativity, enjoyment, and fulfillment in knowing that you are accomplishing and achieving what you desire most, alongside a team of people with the same values as you.

Discover a Rewarding Lifestyle

Launching a franchise is not just a career change that gets you out of the boardroom. It’s a new lifestyle. Multiple sports and seasons bring new opportunities for growth while start-up costs are low with no real estate purchase required and a low franchise fee of $24,900. As you employ a (mostly part-time) staff of site managers, sports coordinators, and officials, as well as volunteer coaches, you’ll guide them through the operations of our same-day practices and games—all with the support of i9 Sports behind you.

8 Questions to Ask Yourself Before You Begin

Of course, as with any business venture, there needs to be a plan with action steps. To better create this action-dedicated plan, here some questions you can ask yourself through this process:

  1. Why do I want to join i9 Sports?
  2. Am I passionate about this franchise?
  3. Is there training involved during this process?
  4. What are the qualifications needed to join this global network of entrepreneurs?
  5. What is the application process like?
  6. What is my startup cost?
  7. What is meaningful about this franchise?
  8. How can I begin today?

i9 Sports is dedicated to easing the transition from being a corporate employee to a franchise owner. Take the first step toward leaving the boardroom and starting your own franchise by contacting i9 Sports today to learn more about their available franchising opportunities.

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