i9 Sports Children’s Franchise Opportunity Offers a Better Option Than Other Leagues

i9 Sports Children’s Franchise Opportunity Offers a Better Option Than Other Leagues

The i9 Sports model was created to offer an alternative to disorganized and poorly run leagues. Many communities have parks and recreation departments that offer a range of recreational sports for residents of all ages, but these programs see frequent staff turnover and don’t have a solid foundation of teaching skills and sportsmanship.

There are also hyper-competitive leagues that focus just on one sport. Often, these require a large investment of time and money, and these “training” style programs only expose children to one sport. They concentrate more on encouraging outcomes, rather than having fun and learning.

Then there are the fly-by-night groups that pop up and fold just as quickly.

Compared to these groups, the i9 Sports Experience is a top opportunity for kids to learn athletic skills in a fun, no-pressure environment that still awards game winners. We offer a well-established system that helps to encourage league longevity and customer satisfaction.

When you’re an i9 Sports area developer, you’ll bring your passion for the business, the sports, the kids and the community to your operation, making your league one that stands out.

An Organized and Professional Youth Sports Franchisei9sports flag football

When you join i9 Sports as an area developer with your work-from-home franchise, you and your participants will enjoy a highly organized system that keeps kids playing and having fun. Our games are run professionally, with an i9 Sports representative on-site for every event, in addition to the coaching staff. Parents will love the online registration system and customer call center, easing the burden of day-to-day operations. Part of our program model includes good coach-to-player communication, and parents will appreciate frequent updates, including schedules and statistics that they can access online 24/7.

You’ll be thankful for the comprehensive online league management technology we offer our area developers that will help you organize your participants, staff and venues, ensuring you’re offering the best possible program.

A Convenient and Consistent Youth Sports Franchise

Unlike many programs, i9 Sports league teams play their games at the same venue every time. And practices take place in the same location and on the same day as games, making our children’s franchise opportunity truly convenient and accessible. Being built upon the i9 Sports franchise program model, your programs will stay consistent from season to season. Parents will know what to expect from your leagues, making them more likely to re-register their children and recommend your leagues to others.

A Safe and Fun Youth Sports Franchise

The i9 Sports Experience truly caters to kids, with a focus on fun versus the pressure to perform. There are no tryouts or drafts, allowing everyone to play regardless of their skill level, and all i9 Sports athletes get equal playing time. You’ll offer your players quality instruction, while encouraging good sportsmanship, teamwork and other social skills, all within a safe, supportive environment. Players, parents, coaches and volunteers appreciate the spirit of healthy competition in our programs. We also greatly value safety at i9 Sports. As such, i9 Sports is not only a leader in raising national awareness about safety and specifically, concussion safety, we strive to ensure that “safe play” is enforced. To emphasize this, we offer flag football — no tackle football games with our children’s franchise opportunity — and don’t allow headers in our soccer play. In addition, we have trained officials at every game and a “When in Doubt, Sit Out” concussion safety policy.

It’s Your Time to Grab This Children’s Franchise Opportunity

Your community’s parents and kids are ready for an alternative to the youth athletics programs that have let them down time after time. There is simply no other youth sports franchise that provides the convenience, fun and safety of i9 Sports, and now is your chance to bring it home as an area developer. Learn more about this exciting opportunity by downloading our free report, How to Make a Living in Youth Sports.

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