i9 Sports Children’s Franchise Opportunity Gives Everyone a Chance to Play

i9 Sports Children’s Franchise Opportunity Gives Everyone a Chance to Play

Few things thrill parents more than seeing their children succeed. Whether academically, athletically or socially, it feels good to see your kid get a win. Even if they aren’t victorious, moms and dads want their children to at least have an opportunity to compete.

The leadership team at i9 Sports® understands how these parents feel. We know it can be so disheartening to see your child “ride the bench,” waiting for playing time and getting passed over in favor of more athletic kids.

To make sure every child gets the physical, mental and social benefits of in-game playing time, part of the i9 Sports Experience focuses on making youth sports a positive experience that teaches kids about athletics, but also focuses on so much more. Now you can take advantage of the i9 Sports children’s franchise opportunity, which is a chance for you to operate a home-based franchise that helps kids be their best.

Focus on fun from the start of your home-based franchise

One of the things that makes i9 Sports such a fun and inviting youth sports league is that everyone can play! Our programs don’t hold tryouts or post rankings. We welcome any child who wants to join one of our teams to play flag football, soccer, T-ball or basketball. To help facilitate your players’ registration, i9 Sports offers an online participant portal where parents can sign up their children for teams, pay fees, view schedules and read messages from the i9 Sports staff.

Though this is a low-cost franchise to start, i9 Sports provides a wealth of supportive tools to be sure your player registration and management go as smoothly as possible, and the company removes unnecessary burdens in the process. For parents in your community, you’ll make it easy for them to get their children involved in a sports program. If you’re a mom who has had children in youth sports programs, you’ll appreciate the smooth processes.

Reinforce skills and sportsmanship with your children’s franchise opportunityi9sports basketball player

Besides making kids feel proud and excited, getting equal playing time provides them the opportunity to learn how to throw, catch, kick and enjoy being active. They also have a chance to develop teamwork skills and an attitude of good sportsmanship. Within i9 Sports’ supportive and safe environment, kids can play and compete while learning and having fun with friends.

We believe in great support at i9 Sports, and that extends to our franchise owners. When you take advantage of this home-based, low-cost franchise, you’ll feel confident in the support i9 Sports provides. You’ll have your own Business Coach to call on when you have questions or need help working through a problem, and you’ll consistently connect with other area developers on Huddle Calls and through training events and conventions. In addition, you’re backed by our proprietary technology that helps you manage your leagues while tracking your business growth. You’ll even see how your business stacks up against that of other franchise owners and have the chance to learn best practices from the leaders in our network.

Catch this chance at a low-cost franchise

Join us in creating a better youth sports experience, one team at a time. We’re excited to welcome people interested in becoming business owners who meet the financial requirements of our initial investment. Request a copy of our free Franchise Report, How to Make a Living in Youth Sports, to find out more.

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