Five Reasons Why i9 Sports is One of the Best Low Cost Franchises for 2023

Five Reasons Why i9 Sports is One of the Best Low Cost Franchises for 2023

The Simplicity and Affordability of the i9 Sports Business Model Make it a Top Low Cost Franchise

Many franchises claim to be affordable businesses, but their high start-up costs and net worth requirements say otherwise. The start-up costs for i9 Sports® begin at $36,500 — but it’s not just our affordable initial costs that make i9 Sports® one of the best low cost franchises.

Our business model keeps costs low for the life of the franchise, and since 2003, entrepreneurs across the U.S. have successfully followed our proven model. We’ll show you five reasons why.

Real estate

A major cost-saving is that our owners don’t purchase or lease real estate. They find venues, such as schools, churches, and community properties, and sign agreements that allow use of the property to run i9 Sports programs. Franchisees have none of the costs of owning or leasing property and none of the headaches of maintaining it.

The i9 Sports support team will show you how to find these venues and secure agreements.

Recurring revenue

Our business model offers year-round sports, which keeps revenue flowing through our four seasons. Our owners collect revenue upfront because the fees for our leagues, camps, and clinics are paid at registration.

Kids often increase the number of registrations by inviting their siblings or friends to enroll so they can play together. Parents often enroll their children in multiple sports, so you can register the same child throughout the year for several years.

Business support

All franchisees have an assigned business coach for the duration of the franchise. The coaches are experienced business owners and understand the challenges of opening and running a business. They help franchisees grow their businesses and can suggest opportunities to increase revenue.

New franchisees can expect weekly calls with their business coaches. In time, once a franchisee feels comfortable with their daily business operations, they can move the calls to a less frequent schedule.

Speaking of his i9 Sports Business Coach Kelvyn Hemphill, owner Ted Smith says, “Kelvyn is one of the greatest guys in my life. I feel that he’s one of my best friends. He is a sounding board and a confidence booster. It’s invaluable to have him in my corner.”

Low-cost staffing

Our model relies on volunteer coaches. Many people are passionate about youth sports — because they’re parents themselves or because they feel strongly about the role of sports in child development.

Adults like this are in every community, and we’ll show you how to recruit them.

As you scale your business and start to hire staff members, you can hire as needed for each season. Most of your employees will work part time, which keeps your franchise costs low. Often young people are interested in filling these roles because of the flexibility.

Our proprietary software

Our industry-leading technology allows you to build team rosters, collect registration fees, schedule games, and manage your business. 

By greatly simplifying league management, it allows you to spend more time as a leader building your business. And our software assists you with growth, too.

You can check key performance metrics and see reminders for daily business operations; and track registrations, renewal rates, revenue, and customer satisfaction levels. It also suggests ways to increase revenue, such as increasing territory penetration or expanding registrations.

Learn more

i9 Sports® is the first and largest youth sports league business in the U.S. We offer youth sports leagues and clinics for boys and girls ages 3 to 14 in today’s most popular sports: flag football, soccer, basketball, baseball, tennis, volleyball, and lacrosse.

To learn more about why i9 Sports is one of the best low cost franchises, download our free franchise report.

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