i9 Sports and coronavirus: How i9 Sports is helping franchisees navigate the pandemic

i9 Sports and coronavirus: How i9 Sports is helping franchisees navigate the pandemic

You can learn a lot about our brand based on how we respond during a crisis

“We may not be able to take the field today, or even tomorrow, but when we do, i9 Sports will be there in full force to cheer you on with a smile and a high five.”

A smiling coach in a red i9 Sports jersey carrying a clipboard gives a high five to kids on a flag football field

That’s the message we’re sharing with customers as i9 Sports navigates this unprecedented coronavirus pandemic. 

Holding strong and planning for tomorrow

Our youth sports franchise is uniquely positioned to bounce out of this. Thanks to our business model, our franchisees don’t have to worry about paying rents on unoccupied spaces. Overhead is low, which is helping our franchisees ride out this unique crisis.

Since our franchisees are already involved in their communities and have strong customer databases, we’re encouraging them to stay engaged. Our home office has developed emails that provide drills that franchisees can share with the families in their community via email or their local social channels. These drills will help families keep kids active at home until it’s safe once again to participate in group play.  

Our business coaches are talking to franchisees about best practices to maintain their reputation as community leaders. This will help everyone get back up to speed more quickly when the pandemic ends.

Standing together as a team

Most importantly, the i9 Sports leadership team is there for franchisees consistently, holding town calls every week to allow for open discussion, Q&A sessions and more. We’ve eliminated customer service minimums, travel and meetings, and franchise brand fund fees for two months.

When the pandemic passes communities will need us more than ever

Real talk: A lot of organizations providing sports programs for kids may not survive this crisis. Municipal programs may have to cut funding for recreation. But you can count on i9 Sports. We’re already working on plans to position ourselves on the other side. When everyone is finally able to emerge from the lockdown, the demand for youth sports will potentially be bigger than ever. 

We’re all so starved for outdoor time, togetherness and collective activities we can feel good about. What serves those needs better than youth sports? i9 Sports might potentially be in a position to partner with private and civic groups to bring back many youth sports programs. Municipal budgets are likely to be very tight, and we want to make sure kids have plenty of opportunity for play.

What’s next for you?

With unemployment soaring, more and more people are thinking about what their careers should look like post-pandemic. Franchising can be a great option because an established brand like i9 Sports makes sure you have everything you need to launch and operate your own business. 

At a time when we’re all reminded that life’s too short to be stuck in a job that’s unfulfilling, some people are exploring a big shift to a new career. i9 Sports is a franchise that allows entrepreneurs with a passion for youth sports to make a career change that can make a difference in people’s lives. Startup costs are just $59,900 – $69,900, and there is a purchase option to pay the $24,900 franchise fee monthly over 5 years.

No one really has a playbook on how to navigate a global pandemic of this scale, but i9 Sports is confident that by sticking to our company values — and sticking together — we’re going to be okay. We’re here for you if you want to explore all we have to offer.

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