Former Controller Finds a Fulfilling Career with i9 Sports

photo of the Dearie family: Russ, Rebecca, and their children, Avery, Anderson, and Bennett
The Dearie family: Russ, Rebecca, and their children, Avery, Anderson, and Bennett

Russ Dearie’s shift from corporate finance to i9 Sports is a win

Russ Dearie’s motivation to find a more fulfilling career came after his third child was born. He wanted to prioritize time with his family instead of working long hours that left little time for other things.

“I was working 12-hour days,” he says, “with monthly, quarterly, and yearly deadlines. My typical day was to arrive at the office around 7 or 8, drive home in time for dinner, and get back online later that night to finish my workday.” 

In addition to the desire for more flexible hours, Russ was ready for a change of pace — and financial freedom. He had worked in corporate accounting and finance for 15 years and was ready for an adventure.

Ready for a change

So Russ joined an increasing number of people who are making changes to the way they work, whether that’s hybrid working, a more flexible workday, or changing careers

Russ learned about i9 Sports from Facebook, and he says he knew there was a market in his area because he and his wife Rebecca knew so many couples with small children. 

So in fall 2020, Russ and Rebecca opened an i9 Sports® business in Charleston, South Carolina. The first season went well and set them up for success.

the Dearie family Russ says that the support they received from the i9 Sports Home Office was — and is — top-notch.

No guesswork

“Working with the Home Office takes the guesswork out of it so you can focus on running the business,” he says, “and our business coach helps us find solutions to problems before they occur.”

This is in addition to i9 Sports’ cutting-edge software, coaching resources, and an operational handbook that provides solutions while new owners are learning how to run a business.

Russ also enjoys the way his i9 Sports business keeps him plugged into his community.

“I really enjoy being a valued member of our community. That’s not what I thought was going to happen, but it’s what I love the most,” he says.

Helping kids succeed

Russ says it’s very fulfilling to see kids succeed. He says that most seasons there’s a few frightened 3- and 4-year-olds in the crowd. They might cry or hold their mother’s hand, and they definitely don’t want to get out on the field.

But he says that a few weeks later, you can’t get them off the field, adding that his own kids were the same.

“I really enjoy watching kids get that confidence up, and with the older kids, it’s fun to watch them improve.”

The Dearies’ children are Avery, 7, Anderson, 6, and Bennett, who turns 5 at the end of December. This season, their two boys, Bennett and Anderson, play baseball, while Avery plays volleyball. But Russ says that his kids play every sport that i9 Sports offers.

A fulfilling career

i9 Sports is a proven business model for those looking for a more fulfilling lifestyle or a second career. Learn more about our youth sports leagues from our free ebook.

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