Franchises for Kids Let You Pair Profit with a Purpose

Franchises for Kids Let You Pair Profit with a Purpose

Few people choose to work just for the love of working. Most people have a job because they need one to pay bills, buy groceries and enjoy the kind of life they want.little boy tball player at i9sports with female coach

Some people find a way to make money and support their families while also doing something about which they feel passionate. People who invest in an i9 Sports youth sports franchise count themselves among this fortunate group.

If you’ve been looking for a franchise for kids that allows you to help build young people’s health and self-esteem while running your own business, the i9 Sports opportunity opens the door to doing just that.

When you start your own i9 Sports youth sports franchise, you’re helping to improve the lives of the people in your community, and you do it within a system that allows you to reach the financial goals that are important to you. You’ll also own a business that operates with low overhead.

Our average franchisee brings in annual revenue in excess of $125,000, and our most successful youth sports franchisee sees an annual revenue topping $1 million.

Through our sports franchise for kids, children learn, grow and compete in an environment that fosters teamwork, personal development and—most importantly—fun!

It’s all part of the 9 important qualities that came together to create the i9 Sports Experience, our established system that crafts a positive experience for everyone. At i9 Sports, we are imaginative, innovative, interactive, integrity-driven, impassioned, inspirational, instructional, insightful and inclusive.

We recognize there is a lot more that goes along with having a great youth sports league experience than simply skills and winning. We’re looking for people to start an i9 Sports youth sports franchise who are just as passionate about helping to build a great experience for kids.

If you’re ready to let your passion drive your profit, download our free report, “How to Make a Living in Youth Sports.”

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