Why Fall is a Good Time to Buy a Franchise

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September 27, 2013

Why Fall is a Good Time to Buy a Franchise - i9 Sports Franchise

Why Fall is a Good Time to Buy a Franchise
by Kelly Mangum

If you are looking to buy a franchise, now the time is right.  Fall is the perfect time to begin conversations with franchise opportunities that interest you. Most of us associate January with the time to reexamine our habits, choices and direction, but why wait? If owning your own business is a dream of yours, then pursuing that dream now could mean that you could be running your own business, at full speed, by the New Year!

Research takes time

It takes time to do your research, and extensive due diligence is important. After all, buying a business could be one of the largest financial decisions you make in your life. Carefully researching an opportunity of interest to you may take time. So allow yourself time and start researching your options as soon as you feel it is something you want to pursue. Be honest with yourself. Know your strengths, weaknesses, and what you truly enjoy doing for work. Once you choose a franchise opportunity or two that you think matches your goals, taking a franchise compatibility quiz can help you evaluate your choices objectively.

Get started today.  Just as the fall marks the start of a new school year, and offers the chance at a new start so can business ownership. No need to wait.

Kelly Mangum
Kelly Mangum
Kelly Mangum is the Director of Marketing at Franchise Solutions and Franchise.com. Experienced at lead generation and project management. Mama of 2, wife, runner, triathlete, gardener, living just outside of Portsmouth, NH.