Year-Round Sports Brings Regular Revenue

Year-Round Sports Brings Regular Revenue

Our Youth Sports Business Offers Year-Round Play

An advantage of i9 Sports® is that our youth sports business features year-round play, which also means year-round revenue.

Flag football is well underway this fall, and as that season starts to wind down, our volleyball and basketball leagues will be starting. For spring, we’ll have baseball, soccer, and lacrosse leagues available.

Our variety of leagues is a big advantage for franchisees and for the families they serve. Kids can move from one sport to the next and take full advantage of the i9 experience.

Playing multiple sports is good for kids

Encouraging kids to play multiple sports is great for their development: Multi-sport sampling helps kids build coordination, flexibility, build more friendships, and discover more activities they love. In fact, we offer a multi-sport program for kids ages 3 to 6 so they can try different sports and find the ones they like best.

Unfortunately, many kids specialize in a single sport too early, which has two unfortunate effects:

  • Kids get burned out by the hypercompetition that is common with single-sport specialization
  • Hypercompetitive leagues create a hostile environment for kids who just want to play, and aren’t aiming for a college athletic scholarship

Families choose i9 Sports because we choose to emphasize fun and sportsmanship far more than wins and losses. For young kids, sports should be play, not like work.

Families will help you grow your business

A child who plays in a single league for a season is likely to enroll to play in other sports, and their families are likely to enroll their other children. These happy repeat customers provide repeating revenue.

In addition, they often invite other friends to play alongside them — which helps you reach more families and grow your customer base.

Word of mouth and year-round leagues help grow the business. 

Of course, you’ll need to market your business. Part of the business model is getting out in your community to:

  • the neighborhoods where young families live
  • the schools and other organizations that will let you advertise on their property
  • the businesses that are willing to partner with you

More help growing your business

i9 Sports’ year-round leagues help you generate repeat business, but that’s far from the only advantage you enjoy as a franchisee. As you establish yourself in your community, you’ll have significant marketing support to help you build brand awareness and start winning customers.

Are you ready to start your own business? Do you want to bring youth sports leagues to your community? If so, take the first step now by downloading our free franchise report.

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