Are You Ready to Own a Youth Sports League?

Are You Ready to Own a Youth Sports League?

If Fall Sports Have You Feeling Nostalgic, Consider Putting Yourself Back in the Game

With a new school year underway, many people become nostalgic for their own school days. If you participated in a youth sports league when you were in school as an athlete, cheerleader, team manager, or mascot, you may miss the fun and excitement of those times.

But you might not realize that you can turn youth sports into a strong business. i9 Sports® is a youth sports league franchise with more than 200 locations serving kids ages 3 to 14. Our leagues offer some of today’s most popular sports – flag football, soccer, basketball, baseball, volleyball, and lacrosse.

The business is inexpensive to start and simple to grow, which is why we’ve been steadily growing for two decades.

What makes i9 Sports different

Our leagues feature a variety of sports that are played year-round, giving kids the opportunity to try different sports. This is fun for the players, and many experts believe allowing kids to play a number of sports instead of specializing in one is better for their development, encourages them to stay active in team sports, and helps set healthy physical activity habits.

Of course, it’s hard to stay active if your main experience of team sports is riding the bench. We believe that all kids deserve a chance to play. There are no tryouts, and every child plays in every game.

We also require that parents pledge to stay positive and uphold sportsmanship. Passion for competition can sometimes trigger outbursts that steal the joy from playing. We care about wins and losses. We maintain league standings. But we’re more focused on sportsmanship trophies and watching kids learn, grow, and have fun.

Other differences

Additionally, our leagues meet only once a week for practice and play. This way, kids can use their new skills immediately, which, in turn, helps them better retain what they’ve learned.

Our leagues aren’t hypercompetitive. Kids want to participate so they can play with their friends. At the same time, we’re teaching them skills such as teamwork and leadership. These are life skills that kids will continue to use as adults.

We provide training and support

All you need is a passion for youth sports and to follow our proven business model – we’ve helped many business owners succeed.

The home office staff will provide in-depth training and support before you open to teach you about recruiting, marketing, and registration. They will show you how to identify venues for your leagues. Once you open an i9 Sports franchise, you’ll also have a personal business coach, who will help you as you develop your business.

Learn more

To find out more about i9 Sports, running a youth sports league, and our available franchise opportunities, fill out the form on this page to download our free franchise report.

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