3 reasons i9 Sports is better than an education franchise

3 reasons i9 Sports is better than an education franchise

There are some similarities between youth sports franchises and education franchises. Here’s why some people prefer the former.

Entrepreneurs who love working with kids might find gratification in education franchises as well as a youth sports franchise like i9 Sports.

Here are three reasons i9 Sports might be a better investment for you than an education franchise:

Flexibility for family time. Like many franchise ventures, i9 Sports offers a certain flexibility that is appealing to entrepreneurs. Even more important to note, however, is how seamlessly family time and business time can blend together when necessary. “It’s a family-friendly business,” says franchisee Alli Hall of Davenport, Florida. “If I’m ever in a bind and I need to bring my kids to a marketing event, they’re always family-friendly events, like local festivals where we would be promoting children’s activities. It takes off that pressure of always having to find childcare because my business really is centered around kids and families. It’s been wonderful.”

 i9 sports franchise owner Alli Hall with her daughter, Rory, and son, Lucas.
i9 sports franchise owner Alli Hall with her daughter, Rory, and son, Lucas.

No fixed overhead costs. No build-out costs. No lease negotiations for permanent space. No furniture, fixtures, paint or carpeting. As an i9 Sports franchisee, you truly are working from home when you’re not on the field. And when you are on the field, you’re bringing your youth sports leagues to playing fields and gyms that you’ve rented for the season from schools and parks. The facilities are already built for your intended activities, so there’s no need for expensive remodels or worries about parking. And with no office space or designated “center,” like you’ll find with many education franchises, your startup costs are significantly lower, too — you can start an i9 Sports franchise for as little as $36,500.

Smiling kids in i9 Sports jerseys run beneath a tunnel of hands raised overhead by adults.
Owning an i9 Sports franchise is a viable business, but some days it’s just flat-out fun.

It’s a fun business. There’s no doubt that working with children can be very rewarding, no matter the platform. But the reality is, i9 Sports really is fun. From the fresh air to the thrill of the goal or basket or winning homerun, i9 Sports is a constant reminder that there’s more to life than putting your nose to the grindstone. “Every time I’m on the field or working with the kids or the parents, I get a constant reinforcement that no matter what challenges I might be facing throughout the week, I get that instant gratification that I made the right choice because I get to work with these kids,” says franchisee Joey Holibaugh of Akron, Ohio. “So no matter what I deal with Monday through Friday, the weekends are always rewarding.”

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