i9 Sports Now Offering New Purchase Option to Help New Franchisees

i9 Sports Now Offering New Purchase Option to Help New Franchisees

The new program reduces cash requirements by $25,000, enabling franchisees to get started with lower risk and more working capital

i9 Sports recently announced an aggressive new purchase option for those looking to buy a new i9 Sports franchise. For people with less liquid capital who traditionally might have pursued the lengthy, painful process of getting a bank loan, this provides a quick and simple alternative. Instead of paying the full franchise fee of $24,900 in one lump sum upfront, the franchise fee will be paid in a flat monthly fee of $500 over a five-year period.

This approach offers the key advantages of:

  • Streamlining and accelerating the financial approval process.
  • Enabling franchisees to put less money down upfront, reducing their total startup costs to as little as $36,500, according to our Franchise Disclosure Document.
  • Providing franchisees more financial flexibility in the crucial start-up period.
A man in a red i9 Sports t-shirt bends over to give a high five to a kid in an i9 Sports football jersey as other flag football players mill about the field.
Our franchise financing program makes this the perfect time to explore the i9 Sports business opportunity.

“The SBA loan program is wonderful for larger start-ups with capital needs in excess of $250,000, but it is not geared for borrowers looking to start a low-cost business like ours,” says i9 Sports CEO Brian Sanders. “We realize most franchisors don’t offer an option like ours, but we have a highly successful franchise system and we are confident that if franchisees follow our system, they have the same potential for success. This five-year agreement purchase option is ideal for both new and existing franchisees.”

The new program makes our affordable startup costs even more achievable for potential franchise owners.

We would love to hear from motivated entrepreneurs who wish to discuss opportunities to join our brand. If you have a clean record, no bankruptcies and a credit score of 660 or more, you may qualify for this new five-year agreement purchase option.

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If you want to learn more about becoming an i9 Sports franchise owner, fill out the form to download our free franchise report, continue exploring our youth sports franchise research pages or visit our blog for the latest updates and profiles of current franchise owners.

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